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Canada is a most cultural, diverse, compassionate and prosperous nature. Faith and the common good are intentionally being interfaith and intercultural in its organization and objectives in Canada. To live interfaith and intercultural in a spirit of common good is JSOT’s vision to be able blend in a multicultural society.

As a community volunteer and leader for the Jain faith and my strong belief and involvement in Multifaith activities, I often tell people I learned and keep exploring philosophies of different faiths to build better understanding –Anekantwad, among various faith groups.

Recently Jainism is much more known amongst mainstream Canadians and media than ever before. The credit should go to the great contribution of the few volunteers in the past notably, late Shri Mohanlal Mehta & Mr. Prakash Mody. First interfaith activities were held during the JAINA convention in Toronto in 1997.

At present I represent Jain community (JSOT & Sri Jain Mandir) volunteering my time to number of Multifaith institutions/organizations such as:

· Ontario Multifaith Council (OMC) - Treasurer/ Secretary

OMC on spiritual & religious care is a charitable organization representing a wide range of faith groups in Ontario. It has its roots in the field of chaplaincy, chiefly in the areas of correctional institutions, hospitals and long-term care facilities. It provides an effective liaison between the faith groups and the provincial government. It is the advisor to the government on religious services & spiritual care issues, standards and practices.

The executive committee meets every month to address the operational as well as governance issues of OMC whereas Board of directors representing about 30 faith communities in Ontario meets every quarter to address strategic policies and budget of the council. I attend both the meetings.

· Campus Chaplains Association (University of Toronto)-Associate Chaplain

CCA endeavors to serve the entire University community in a spirit of interfaith collegiality. It seeks to develop relationship with students, staff and faculty that are characterized by respect, acceptance, trust, courtesy, forgiveness and compassion. We meet every month to promote respect for all the faiths and provide opportunity to learn more about other faith communities and cultures. CCA also organizes visits to different spiritual places such as, temples, churches, synagogues, Islamic centers, Gurudwaras etc. in and around GTA on regular basis. We had one such visit in the summer of 2011 with two bus load full of University students and faith leaders.

· Peel District School Board – Committee Member for Multifaith Board.

· mfateh (Multifaith alliance to end homelessness) – Committee Member.

· Toronto Area Interfaith Council.

· Participate annual `World Religion Day` organised by Durham Regional Interfaith Committee. I was invited as one of the Speaker to speak on the topic of Jain principles and Sustainable Development at their 2010 annual event held in Pickering. It was attended by Mayors of Pickering & Ajax in addition to couple of MPPs, local media personal and many faith leaders.

· I also represent to a talk show INSIGHT which airs on Miracle Channel out of Manitoba. It’s a seasonal program broadcasting Faith-views on Jain faith`s perspective on certain mainstream topics, such as organ donation, abortion, substance abuse etc.